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EditOne will bring you brand-new experience in the convenience of web-page development, testing and maintenance!


Due to the difference in testing environment, online debugging is essential as the last stage of the development of websites. Almost all website developers have the painful experience of repeatedly shifting between HTML editing environment, source code editor, FTP software and browsers. For daily maintenance of website, so many software needs to be started one by one even for modifying just one link and color, which makes those operations appear to be rather complicated.


EditOne will help relieve you of these trifling details, provide convenience for your web-page editing, testing and maintenance and see you off to the last stage of the website development and testing.


The latest release of 1.2 Version of EditOne is characterized by its following functions:

Easy installation -- all you need is to download and upload a file. ASP and PHP scripts are supported.
Dynamic loading of directory tree --unlimited dynamic loading of file directory tree will make all the files and directory clear at a glance.
Convenient online editing --The results of the editing can be saved without submitting WebPages (with Ctrl+S supported as "save" keyboard shortcuts);

    Whole text character string search and replacement is supported ( the search can be set in terms of case differences and complete word match, F3 is supported as "search" keyboard shortcut).

    HTML preview is supported (without damaging the original code);

    TAB is supported in the file to indent the text (without switching the input focus);
    Display of cursor position is supported (convenient for program testing);

Full-function file management --uploading, downloading, creating new files, deleting, copying, pasting and renaming are supported;

    With an operation similar to that of the right-key tapping in Windows' Explorer, the result of the operation will be shown in directory tree in real time;

    Different icons and default operation for different file types;

    Click to browse or play the pictures, music and video files;
International coding supported --English and Chinese versions are provided, and clobber will not appear in any computer in any region, with any designated local encoding.
Gaya statistics supported --one keystroke to launch page statistics code.


EditOne employs on a large scale AJAX - Asynchronous Javascript and XML, which renders file management and editing possible without submitting the page. As a result, operation speed is accelerated and web online testing and maintaining is made convenient. And the use-value of EditOne is thus raised. EditOne, originally an online editor designed by GayaStat2 for the convenience of the head of the site to edit web pages and insert statistics code, has been widely quoted after the release of V1.0, with google and baidu each registering 4 to 5 thousand pages. In response to the great demands of the many users, we have developed the more powerful version 1.2 for users to download and use freely.

Download EditOne

EditOne is open-source free software. Users can use it free of charge, they can also investigate, study and modify the source code. But without the permission of Group Entropy IT, release is prohibited of the source code or the revised source code( prohibition of unauthorized release is for reason of security). Group Entropy IT will not be held responsible to the users for any consequence resulting from the use of the software, including any incidental loss incurred by the software bug. Your downloading of any version of EditOne means your acceptance of the terms.

Download the latest version V1.4RC:
ASP English Version (118KB) Downloaded times
PHP English Version (108KB) Downloaded times

Download the latest version V1.2/051228:
ASP English (UTF-8 default) Version (108KB) (108KB) Downloaded times
ASP Simplified Chinese version (GB2312) (107KB) Downloaded times
PHP English (UTF-8 default) Version (102KB) Downloaded times
PHP Simplified Chinese version (GB2312) (100KB) Downloaded times

Download the old version, V1.0build050222:ASP Version (56KB) Downloaded times; PHP version (46KB) Downloaded times; Unicode-GB2312 encoding shifting file (176KB) Downloaded times

Hints for security: the log-in user name is admin,and the initial password is also admin. It is recommendable that you change the user name and password immediately after log-in. Change the file name of editone.asp(editone.php) to a complicated one that only you can remember so as to prevent the possible existence of security loopholes in EditOne, which may lead to the invasion to the website. In any case, it should be a good habit to copy the modified files(can be downloaded with EditOne) from websites.

Forums for users to discuss and vote on the functional requirements.

Concerning your doubts about the operation and bug report, you can paste your message to the forum: EditOne online Editor FAQ .

EditOne aims at being a powerful online web editor, a great helper for technicians to test and maintain web pages. You are invited to vote on the functional requirements for the next version: Do you need an all-in-one web management of ACCESS/MySQL/SQLServer/Oracle? Or do you need a powerful batch file processing so that you can easily browse through thousands of server files? Do you need a powerful HTML editor through which you can easily get access to the information? Do you need a highly grammatical function-index type text editor? Or do you have your own opinions to share with us? Please click here to vote.

How to use EditOne?

In accordance with the different scripts(ASP or PHP) supported by your web space, you may need to download editone.asp or editone.php(eneditone.asp or eneditone.php for English version). As to the server's software configuration, ASP needs the support of Scripting.FileSystemObject, while PHP needs 4.x or above versions(no need of Zend optimizer). Then you can visit the software with your browser after it is uploaded to the website space.

EditOne only supports IE or browsers with an IE core. EditOne V1.0 supports IE 5.x or above, while EditOne V1.2 requires IE 6.0. In EditOne V1.2 and subsequent versions, the support of IE 5.x is dropped, for this will render redundant codes and low efficiency in running. And most important of all, as shown by the Gaya statistics, IE 6.0 has 90% of the total users.

    IE 6.0 has 90% of the total users in mainland China, and Windows XP possesses over 70% of computer users.

Illustration of the operation of EditOne

A detailed illustration serves as a quick introduction to the operation, as well as an all-round instruction for the beginners.

ASP may differ from PHP in the API functions provided, but all versions of EditOne are exactly the same in the realization of functions. EditOne is easy to use, and any one who knows the Explorer in Windows will find it easy to begin with the software. Illustrated in the following are the common operations of file management and editing.

Log in EditOne
For reasons of security, please change the default user name and password, and it is better for you change the file name. By using MD5 encrypted password, you need not worry about your password being let out even if editone.asp/editone.php(with an altered password) has been seen by others.

Configuring EditOne

Click "Configuring" on the top of the left frame, and enter "parameter setup". You can change your user name and password here, as well as font, size and row height. If directory tree loading fails in the left frame, it may result from incorrect setup of "local encoding". You can solve the problem by correcting the "local encoding".

Editing files

In IE, you can save your server files you have edited by pressing Ctrl+S. However,in browsers with an IE core, Ctrl+S will be, as a priority, captured by the browser to initiate the "save as" operation embedded in the browser,for example,TT browser by Tencent is a case in point. In this case, you can use Ctrl+Q keys, or directly click the "save" button. Attention: You may fail in saving if not granted permission. For example, if the file is "read only", or if modification is not allowed. Click here to know about how to setup the file's permitted operation in Windows/UNIX(Linux).

Row/line indicator is very useful in testing the WEB script program (such as ASP/PHP/JSP/PL/Javascript). When error occurs in PHP program, the error will be shown in the line it is in. When error 500 occurs in ASP program, the error will also be shown in the line it is in if you cancel "friendly error hint" option in the browser(click here to see how to setup), Javascript error will be shown by status bar in the browser. You can get to know the line the error is in by clicking for detailed information. When error occurs in JSP program, JSP receptacle will display detailed stack track information of the lines used. You can quickly pinpoint the location of the error with the help of this information and the row/line indicator.

Notice: If you have set "automatic line feed" in the "parameter setup", the fairly long line will be shown in more lines and the displayed error location may not be correct.

With Preview, you can get a general impression of the web pages to be displayed. If absolute link is employed for picture links in the web pages, or if the web page being edited and EditOne are in the same directory, the pictures in the web pages will also be displayed correctly.
For files with the extension name of htm/html, the right-key on the mouse will pop up the menu: "browsing/editing", "browsing" and "editing". "Browsing/editing" and "browsing" are different in that "browsing" can always handle correctly the relative URL in the web pages, display the pictures and other resources files in the web pages; while it is not the case with "Browsing/editing", unless the file and EditOne are in the same directory.

EditOne's file management

Many file operations require that ASP/PHP have adequate "read-write "permission before it can function normally. As for the Windows server using NTFS disc format, "write-permission" is needed for IIS sites' anonymous users to create new file/directory, modify and save files; while "modify-permission" is required to rename files/directory and delete files/directory (thus execute-permission and write-permission are needed). As for the UNIX(Linux) server, new files are permitted only in directory whose CHMOD is 777 (new files will inherit the parent directory's CHMOD attribute values). Only when the file's CHMOD is 777, can the file be modified, saved, renamed and deleted.

Warning: Potential safety hazard will be incurred if the websites are given more permission. You should possess perfect security measures before you can engage in online editing.

Default click operation

Clicking the file/directory with the left key on the mouse produces the same operation as does the first option on the right-key pop-up menu. As is consistent with that of the Explorers, the first options on the right-key pop-up menu are different in accordance with the different extension names.

Uploading/downloading files

Click the right key on the mouse in the blank spaces on The right side (not at the bottom)of the directory tree,then choose "upload files" in the pop-up menu, as shown in the following chart. In the place where the mouse clicks, the "browsing" button will appear. Click this button and choose the file to be uploaded. At this time the chosen file's name will appear in the input box. You can edit the file name, which will be the saved file name after being uploaded. The process of uploading will be initiated by pressing Enter or by clicking the mouse in the blank space outside the input box. A file node will be added in the original position if the uploading is successful. You can apply other operations to the node. If the uploading is not successful (in case of no write-permission), a dialog box will pop up to remind you and the node will also disappear.

Any type of files is downloadable, text or binary. Click the right key on the mouse on the file node and choose "download" in the pop-up menu.

Creating /renaming/deleting files

Click the right key on the mouse in the blank spaces on the right side of the directory tree, then choose "create files" in the pop-up menu, and an input box will appear near the place of the click. Enter the name of the file in the box, then press Enter or click the mouse in the blank space outside the input box and the file will be created in the server. The content of the file is the text in the current right-frame editor. If there is no content in the file, a zero-byte file is created.

"Creating directory" follows the same operation.

Apply right-key pop-up menu to designated file node, choose "rename" on the menu, the node will become an input box. After the file name is edited, press Enter or click the mouse in the blank space outside the box and the file will be renamed.

After you choose "delete", a dialog box will pop up to make you affirm your action to delete the file/directory. If it is the directory that is to be deleted, a warning will appear to remind you that all the files and subdirectories in the directory will be deleted. If the deletion is successful, the file node will disappear.

Copying/pasting/moving files

After the copy operation of the file node, the "paste" option of the right-key pop-up menu will take effect when the blank space on the right side of the directory tree and the directory is clicked with mouse on the right key. If the file is copied in the same directory, EditOne will try to find a new usable file name. For example, if you want to copy test.txt,EditOne will search to make sure whether test1.txt exists. If it exists, the search will go on to determine the existence of test2.txt. The process will continue until the file name test{n}.txt that does not exist in the directory is found. The content of test.txt will be copied to test{n}.txt.

When the directory is being copied, a similar process of choosing directory name will be involved. Meanwhile all the files and subdirectories in the directory will be copied.

If the operation of moving is carried out, copying, pasting and deleting can be used in combination.

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